About us

Our mission

We connect people, ideas and capital

MagneticOne Ventures is a VC fund investing into technological companies at early stages worldwide.
Our interest lies in financing and business consulting for promising projects and teams.

MagneticOne Ventures can make investments into projects of other type and caliber if they can potentially become the global businesses or going to have a significant local value. Our goal is to help innovative and talented teams to establish and grow the global sustainable companies.


We are looking for FinTech, EdTech, Robotics (drones, AI, VR/AR technologies etc.) and corporate software projects. We are focusing on technologies and markets, where we already have a serious experience and can provide high value to the projects. Mostly - to the technological companies. (Just for the abovementioned reasons we reject certain deals. We invest into what we know - refusal from investing does not mean that your business cannot be successful … you just may find more efficient assistance).

We are interested in cooperation with funds, accelerators, advisors and will be happy to act as a syndicative partner.

Robotics / AI

We are focusing on companies and markets where we already have serious experience, competence, communication and the opportunity to bring significant benefits. Basically, these are technology companies.

We invest in what we know - the refusal to invest does not mean that your business can not be successful, Just you can find More effective help. A number of transactions are rejected by us exactly because of this reason.

We are interested in cooperation with incubators, accelerators, funds and professionals in different areas and we will be happy to speak as a partner In interesting projects.


more than 10 companies have been successfully invested


Whom and why

Principles of investment decision making

For us personalities of founders are extremely important: we believe that their level of commitment to business is indispensable to build a successful company.
The investment pretendent should present strong managerial team, clear business model and principle of monetization, scaling, proper competitive advantages. It is obligatory to have a product on the market, at least, at an initial stage (profit or beta-version).

Ticket Sizes

We do not use a notion “minimal investments”, typically, starting, at a seed stage, from USD 50К. The standard amount - from USD 200К up to USD 500К. For projects, which are at earlier stages and with less needs in money, we can offer the fund of angel investments. We maintain our investments and support the business until it is required and while we are capable.


What else

We are ready to offer in addition to financing


Executive summary is enough if it contains a description of the team, business model, competitive analysis and marketing opportunity. We appreciate simplicity and clarity. It is important that entrepreneurs understand what they are talking about, their market, competitive environment and financial dynamics of industry.